Adamsville Church of God
Sunday, June 23, 2024


Anyone who visits Adamsville will quickly learn that worship is central to our ministry philosophy. It is our ministry to the Lord, and during true worship the congregation blesses the Lord. Worship must always be God centered with the strengthening of the congregation as a primary concern. Vital elements of worship are: singing, devotional praise, giving, prophetic utterances, preaching, and ministry.
The Lord is enthroned on sung praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Singing quickly moves the congregation into a true atmosphere of praise and worship. The singing at Adamsville includes congregational singing, the choir, and special songs. The three types of songs are: psalms (songs based on the actual text of the Scripture), hymns (Scripturally sound anthems of praise, worship and admonition), and spiritual songs (“free singing” of songs from one’s own spirit, often called “a new song” or “singing in the Spirit.”)
Each individual will express himself differently in praise. We believe that there should be opportunity for such expressions of devotional praise in the worship service. These expressions will include applause, dancing, lifting hands, shouts of joy, weeping, kneeling, and meditation.
By offering God the fruit of our labor (tithes and offerings), we worship Him. Stewardship includes systematic giving as an act of thanksgiving and obedience. It also is an act of faith by trusting God to supply our needs.
We believe in the present day working of the Holy Spirit as in New Testament times. This includes the spiritual gifts found in 1 Cor. 12-14. In our services prophetic utterances (tongues & interpretation, prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdoms, etc…) are allowed along with the other spiritual gifts.
The preaching of the Word of God is crucial to the worship service. Sound, Biblical exposition is needed today more than ever. The congregation is urged to follow the scriptural passages being studied and to take notes for further study.
God’s power is available to meet us at the point of our need. Therefore, each service includes a time of personal ministry. This may involve prayer, counseling, and ministry from the Church Elders, ministry to one another, individual prayer at the altars or personal ministry from the Pastor or speaker.
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