Adamsville Church of God
Sunday, June 23, 2024

Family Training Hour

There is a reason that Wednesday is called “hump” day; it's because everyone tries desperately to get over the mid-week hump in hopes of making it to the weekend. We not only want to help people get over the “hump”, but energize them for the rest of their week. The Family Training Hour serves that purpose as our mid week service here at "the ‘Ville".  Through its many various incarnations since the church’s inception, we have identified the need for the people of God to gather together during the week to participate in age level training and Bible studies.
As stated in the name, “Family” Training Hour, we offer classes for all age groups.  We have the Sonbeams, Bluebelles, and Joybelles for the girls.  For the boys we have Royal Rangers.  Young people and teens have a service filled with praise and worship and preaching that is geared for today's youth.  In our sanctuary we have a bible study for the adults where the Spirit moves each and every week.  The Family Training Hour has been a part of our church for many years and will always be a part of the church’s goal to reach out to its members and community.