Adamsville Church of God
Sunday, June 23, 2024

Church History (cont.)

     Rev. Raymond Taylor pastored Adamsville Church from 1956-1959.  During Rev. Taylor's ministry at Adamsville, the Fellowship Hall was bricked.  Rev. Taylor worked faithfully with the congregation to achieve this.
     The pastor from 1959-1966 was Rev. J.C. Thompson.  During Rev. Thompson's ministry at Adamsville, he saw great growth, physically as well as spiritually.  It was during this time that a new parsonage was constructed.  Also, an annex property was purchased for additional education room and for added parking.
     Rev. S.E. Bussey served as pastor from 1966 until 1970.  The parsonage was furnished during this time.  It was the opinion of all that Rev. and Sis. Bussey did a beautiful job selecting the furnishings of the parsonage.
     During the years of 1970-1974 Rev. John C. Franklin served as pastor.  Under his direction the sanctuary was remodeled and the basement was also renovated.  Paneling and carpet were installed to make the basement more attractive.  Custom cabinets were built.  All this was done because the church had installed Team Teaching in the Sunday School.  It proved to be a great blessing.
     The next pastor was Rev. Rodney Jeffords.  Rev. Jeffords served the church from 1974-1979.  The church was again blessed with great growth, spiritually and physically.  A successful bus ministry was started under his direction.  Plans for a beautiful new church were drawn and property purchased for the building at a cost of $35,000.00
     The Rev. W.H. Ford served as pastor from 1979-1981.  The sanctuary was redecorated under his direction.  Beautiful new pews, carpet and drapes were purchased.  The walls of the sanctuary were papered.  The Ford family was a musical family and blessed the church with their talents.
     Serving from 1981-1986 was Rev. Dewey Smith.  During his tenure, additional property was purchased at the cost of $100,000.00.  In 1984 a new church building was built on this property off Main Street, our current property.  The church experienced growth during his tenure.
     From 1986-1987 Rev. Robert Hartgraves served as pastor of the church.  Plans were developed for a new building to be used for recreation and extra classrooms.
     Rev. Ronald Harris came to the church in 1987 and served until 1989.  It was during this time that the Family Life Center was constructed.
     During the years of 1989-1998 Rev. Steve Wesson served as pastor.  During his tenure, the church saw great growth.  Harold Hudson became the new minister of music, and under his direction the church choir sang at the Church of God General Assembly in 1991.  Rev. Perry Stone used the church during this time to hold his annual campmeetings.  The many different ministries of the church flourished during this time.
     Rev. Roy Stewart came to the church in 1998.  During his time their have been many improvements to the church property itself.  These improvements include: repaving of the parking lot, redecorating the sanctuary, recarpeting the entire church, new offices built, sanctuary projectors purchased, new air units, new roof, and new church bus purchased.  Under his leadership the Adamsville church continues its great tradition of caring about others and serving its community that was begun in 1931.