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2010-04-05thanks for all the times you have prayed
2010-02-22Willene Odom
Complete healing of breast cancer. Lynne, This is Ken's sister-in-law. They used to attend our church.
2010-02-22Doug Tate Jr. Healing
Doug is scheduled for surgery for a tumor on his brain 01-27-2010. He really needs all our prayers. The Drs. aren't giving him much hope.
2010-02-22Pray for healing for Ralph Armstrong
He is in UAB Downtown Spain Rehab Rm C358. He's got some paralysis on his left side. Please visit, if possible, and pray and take a prayer cloth. Thank You
2010-02-22Pray for healing for JoBeth Hess
Please pray for JoBeth Hess in UAB Hospital Downtown - Spain Rm. 307. She had anurism in brain. Please visit, if possible, and pray for her and take a prayer cloth. Thank you
2010-02-22Healing for Julie Ray
She went to the doctor yesterday and he told her she has a tumor on her eye.
for my daughter Renee Ballard, fighting cancer for 10 years, now has a spot on her brain. Married, has 10 yr. daughter. Agree with us for a Miracle. thank you, Rev. Rudy Rodriguez Ferriday, La. Church of God.
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