Adamsville Church of God
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tape Ministry


For many years the Tape Ministry has been an outreach arm of the church. Sunday services are recorded and made available to the congregation. The cassettes sell for $3.00 and CD’s sell for $5.00 each. So often men and women hear a powerful word from the pulpit and want to learn more from that message, or even share it with others. The Tape Ministry is able to provide them with that opportunity.
In addition to offering these recordings to the general congregation, tapes of our Sunday services are mailed monthly to shut-ins at no cost. With many of the church’s seniors unable to attend Sunday service, even though their spirit is willing, this is an excellent way to still keep them involved as part of the church family.
Along with the shut-ins, prisoners are able to receive these recordings at no cost. Those in prison who are on the church’s mailing list are sent cassettes of Sunday services. The Lord has used this ministry to change lives across this nation. A man serving a triple life sentence in Arizona for murder, checked one of the cassettes out of the prison library, and after hearing its message, he gave his heart to the Lord. Another inmate of advanced years wrote the church describing how he sings and dances with the music that is played from his cassettes of services at the church. God deserves all the glory for using this ministry to bless people from Adamsville to Arizona and everywhere in between.
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